The North Florida Editorial Workshop engages students in the transcription and digital publishing of archival materials related to the history of the region. Based at the University of North Florida (UNF), the project is possible through the support of the UNF Digital Humanities Institute, the UNF Thomas G. Carpenter Library, and community partners including the Jacksonville Historical Society and the St. Augustine Historical Society.

Recently Added Items

Letter from Unknown to Elizabeth Fleming, Oct. 28, 1902


The writer informs Elizabeth Fleming of encounters in New York City with mutual acquaintances and discusses contemporary music.

Letter from Francisco de Córcoles y Martínez to King Philip V of Spain, Nov. 28, 1715

An official dispatch from Spanish Florida to the King of Spain in his Council of the Indies

Letter from Josephine L. Dyer to John P. Varnum, 1871


The letter, held in Special Collections in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library at the University of North Florida, from Josephine L. Dyer to her husband,…